Capturing those special buildings in a vibrant sketch
great to give as a present...
or to keep as your own cherished memory!

The liveliness of an expressive sketch

Pictures are a great way to hold on to memories. But a sketch adds to that its own unique quality. It enhances your memories and it sparks conversation with your friends or loved ones. A sketch leaves room for your own thoughts for a rich enhancement of those memories.

A sketch is a perfect gift for yourself, for your children that have moved out of their parental home, for friends, for parents, for relatives or acquaintances that have move abroad. Give a special, totally original and personal gift!

Memories, forever captured

Of course you are not limited to have a sketch of your own house. Maybe it's that picturesque church where you got married, or that village square in a sunny town in the Provençe. The parental home of old school friends. Your former student appartment in Amsterdam. Or maybe that nostalgic old city hall that was demolished decades ago. If you send me some pictures of that memorable place that you'd like to have me draw, I will be able to start right away.

Something for you?

Below you will find a list of options. There are basically three sizes that really do justice to my special marker techniques. Looking for something bigger? Not a problem. I can scan in a sketch that I rendered for you in one of the sizes below, and make a high res scan of that (at a small additional fee) and have a large size canvas print made for you of course autographed. Have anything special in mind? Just ask and I am sure we can work something special out the exaclty suits your needs.

Sketchbook format


(with additional shipping)
  • A5 (14,85 x 21cm)

Large format


(with additional shipping)
  • A4 (21 x 29,7cm)

Deluxe format


(with additional shipping)
  • A3 (29,7 x 42cm)

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